All Year Sailing

All Year Sailing

MYSC provides training all year round, focusing on the development of techniques, which lead to great success in regattas both in Malta and internationally.

Group C

This is MYSC’s entry group into competitive sailing. Once a young sailor completes at least one summer sailing course, they can apply for our winter
sailing programme which automatically admits our young sailors into the C Group. Sailing through the winter is more intense as the groups are generally
smaller and weather is more of a challenge.

Group B

Entry into the B group is a significant achievement at MYSC. There is no standard timeline for a young sailor to progress from C Group to B Group. The decision to admit young sailors into the B group is taken by our Head Coach. Every season, our coaches review the progress made and decide on progression from one group to the next. Admission into B Group also means our young sailors start participating in regattas under MYSC. This also means the sailor must procure his/her own optimist, gear and equipment,

Group A

Becoming part of the A Group is a big deal at MYSC. This means that you have earned your place through hard work and determination and have
participated in several regattas nationally as well as one or two internationally.
Being part of the A Group requires more dedication and commitment to on the water sessions twice a week and more if necessary, physical training as well as participating in regattas under MYSC.