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our aim

The principle aims of the club is to promote and facilitate the sport of sailing primarily to young children from the age of seven upwards.

What We Do

SAiling: promote the sport for young sailors

To provide young sailors with skills to sail as a fun and fulfilling activity as well as the ability to compete in Malta and Internationally in sporting competitions and events

EVENTS: we aim to obtain the very best from each sailor at regattas

Young sailors like the challenge of competition. As there are no differences in the boats, then it becomes their individual techniques and skills that make the difference. MYSC takes part in all the Maltese national competitions as well as selected international regattas

lifelong skills: more than just how to sail

MYSC aims to ensure that lifelong skills are taught to young sailors which go to assist them in their formative years to becoming well rounded individuals

Sailing in the Mediterranean!

Our location both in the centre of the Mediterranean as well as our location in a large enclosed bay offers the most optimal sailing conditions.

What Boats Do We Teach On

Who We Are

Anna Rossi

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Chris Bajada

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Mark Vassallo

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Victor Clark

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we’re making waves together

We have many different courses from beginners right through to advanced sailors.