Euromed Championship Optimist & Laser
Timmy Vassallo wins Optimist Senior category in Euromed Regatta

It all came down to the wire on Tuesday on the final day of the Mapfre Euromed International Regatta.

Hosted in Mellieha Bay by Malta Young Sailors Club and held under the auspices of the Malta Sailing Federation, the Race, which is in its 21st Edition,  once again welcomed a strong international fleet.

Tuesday’s weather conditions were the most sedate from all of the four days of the event with approximately 7 knots of wind and flat water throughout.  With one or two points separating the majority of the top-placed sailors there was no doubt that every point was going to be fought for.

Optimist Fleet

Timmy Vassallo, who until Tuesday was in second place but with equal points with Jonas Micallef, pipped Micallef with just one point to win the hotly contested Senior Category. In third place was 4th internationally ranked Spanish Tim Lubat who, in spite of a somewhat lackluster performance yesterday,  managed to climb up the leaderboard to finish in third place.

Meanwhile, in the Beginners’ Class, Michael Cremona went back to first place, having lost his placing temporarily on Tuesday to Jacob Carl Delia who today slipped down to third place.

Timothy De Cesare climbed back to second place, three points behind Cremona and three points ahead of Delia.


In Class 4, Benjamin Vassallo knocked off Shaun Aquilina from first place. Aquilina who had a very steady consistent two days of racing was beaten by Vassallo by two points on the very last day.

Canadian Carlo Charabati retained his third place, trailing fourteen points behind Aquilina.

Jean Paul Zahra, racing in Class 6m proved he was the one to beat on the last day. Zahra won the last three races beating Matthew Flores to first place.

Flores, who had been holding on to first place for the previous days, had to settle for second place.  In third place was Dimitris Vertsonis who did not manage to repeat yesterday’s unbeaten run.

“Malta Young Sailors Club is very satisfied with the outcome of this year’s Mapfre Euromed International Regatta. It was rewarding to welcome back international sailors, some of which are highly ranked in the world,” remarked Christian Bajada, Commodore – Malta Young Sailors’ Club.

“Of course, having Maltese sailors performing so well fills us with great pride.  There certainly is a bright future for our youngsters” concluded Bajada.

Malta Young Sailors Club expressed its gratitude to Mapfre Middle Sea Insurance, Yachting Malta, the Malta Sailing Federation and particularly all the volunteers who made the event possible.

Action continues at the Mapfre Euromed International Regatta in Mellieħa

The Mapfre Euromed International Regatta fleet returned to the water on Monday, having had to spend the day on shore on Sunday due to the rough conditions in Mellieħa Bay.

Monday’s weather certainly made up for Sunday’s disappointment with the Optimist Senior fleet fitting in three races and the Beginners’ fleet two.

The Laser fleets raced a total of five races in conditions that saw winds gusting between 16 to 20 knots and a moderate swell.

Optimist Class

The third and final race of the day, saw a very hotly contested competition for the Optimist Senior Class.

The race started after four attempts as the 65 boats in the fleets jostled to gain a good start. The final race was won by Emily Fenech.

The leaderboard for the day saw equal points being shared by Jonas Micallef and Timmy Vassallo.  In the first day, Micallef finished in third place but Monday’s performance saw him climb to the top.

Vassallo retains his second place whilst Israeli Yahav Geva climbed to third place.

In the Beginners’ Class, Jacob Carl Delia topped the leaderboard to gain a two point advantage over Michael Cremona and Timothy De Cesare who share equal points in second and third place.

ILCA Class

The ILCA Class managed to fit in five races, resulting in Shaun Aquilina and Dimitris Vertsonis leading the two Classes.

Class 4’s Shaun Aquilina maintained an unbeaten run having won all races. In second place is Benjamin Vassallo, who also had a consistent performance placing second in all races of the day. Vassallo is followed by Canadian Carlos Charabati who maintained his overal third placing.

Meanwhile in Class 6, Matthew Flores maintained his lead, whilst Jean Paul Zahra placed second.

Dimitris Vertsonis had a very good outing, making up for the disappointment on the first day due a snapped mast. Vertsonis won all races to climb up to third place of the  leaderboard.

Monday’s results are provisional and final results will be published once all races have been completed on Tuesday.

The Mapfre Euromed International Regatta is hosted by the Malta Young Sailors Club under the auspices of the Malta Sailing Federation. The event is supported by Yachting Malta.

The final day of racing takes place on Tuesday from 10.30am onwards and three races are expected to take place.

First day of Mapfre Euromed International Regatta welcomes back international fleet

The opening day of the Mapfre Euromed International Regatta saw a welcome return to an international fleet in Mellieħa Bay as the first day of racing took place.

This year’s Euromed returned to its international status after last year’s event could only welcome local sailors due to Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.  The twenty first edition of this popular international regatta, annually held just before Christmas, welcomed sailors representing all local sailing clubs and  other sailors representing twelve countries.

The northerly wind which at the start of racing was blowing at around 20knots, increased throughout the early afternoon. Gusting approximately at 25 knots, ILCA Race Officer Bojan Gale called off the last race. Whilst in the Optimist Beginners Class, a similar decision was taken. The three races planned for the  Optimist Senior and Cadet Classes went ahead as planned.

Optimist Class

In the Senior Class,  4th ranked Tim Lubat from Spain topped the leaderboard with a second, seventh and first placing at the end of day one.  In second place was Malta Young Sailors’ Timmy Vassallo, who scored a first, sixth and fifth place, trailing two points behind Lubat. Fellow MYSC team mate Jonas Micallef finished in third, having obtained an eight, second and sixth placing.

The Beginners Class. Malta Young Sailors Club’s Michael Cremona and Timothy De Cesare took the first two places, whilst  Jacob Carl Delia (Royal Malta Yacht Club) completed the top three placings for the day.

Laser Class

Thirty four sailors took part in the Laser Class, with the ILCA Class 4 having the biggest fleet.

In Class 4, Shaun Aquilina (Birzebbugia Sailing Club) won both races to give him the lead for the day. In second place was Matthew Cachia Debono, who with two consistent third places beat Kurt Borg (Birzebbugia Sailing Club)  and Carlos Charabati (Point Claire Yacht Club).

In Class 6, Matthew Flores, also from Birzebbugia Sailing Club, took the Class lead for the day having won both races.  Behind him in second place was Club team mate Jean Paul Zahra. Malta Young Sailor’s Luke Rausi’s second place in the second race saw him climb to third overall having placed sixth in the first race.

More action is expected tomorrow from 1030hrs onwards, with three races scheduled for both classes.  The event, hosted by Malta Young Sailors Club, is supported by Mapfre Middlesea Insurance and Yachting Malta and held under the auspices of the Malta Sailing Federation.