Crossing Rules

rules of crossing


The Event is organized by WISHBONE WINDSURFING PROMOTIONS “Old Guard”, hereinafter referred to as the Organizing Committee. The Event consists of a Windsurf Crossing between the Islands of Malta and Sicily, with the respective starting and finishing points being off the Tigne Point in Sliema and the Pozzallo Harbour Breakwater, respectively.

It is exclusively up to the organizers to determine the Start and Finish areas, and whether to start, complete or shorten the Event, taking safety first into consideration. 

    • Participants will be sailing under the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea.
    • Participation in this Event is possible only upon exclusive invitation by the Organisers who are not committed to limit themselves to invite any participant on the basis of his/her Club/National ranking, club membership, or even nationality. A Selection Process organized in association with the Malta Young Sailors Club will determine the basis of the finalists for this event.
  • No changes or replacements are allowed to the nominated sailor. If for any reason the sailor is unable to continue sailing, his sailing equipment will be recovered and he has to retire from the Event.
    • The Start date & time is scheduled to be at approx. 0900hrs on Friday 6th May 2022, but the exact start time will be determined by the Organizers either one day before, or even on the race day, with such a decision depending on weather and sea conditions and the safety of all participants, lead and escort boats, their crews included. The Start will be between two identifiable marks/boats designated for the purpose.
  • The Starting signal will be 3 long hoots to indicate 3 minutes before the Start. This will be followed by 2 hoots to indicate 2 minutes and so on, and with one very long hoot to indicate the start.
  • There will be no recalls for early starters. Any premature starters will have their crossing start time added by the time they started prematurely and a 10 minute penalty added on top. 
    • Unless shortened, the Finish of the race will be between two identifiable marks/boats designated for the purpose in the waters just outside Pozzallo harbour. All Lead and Escort vessels are to turn towards the East once having crossed the finish line. This is in order to leave the Finish line clear for other Lead and Escort boats together with their sailors.
  • Sailors are requested not to enter the water after crossing the finish line, but are to head East following their Lead and Escort boats. Once well clear of the Finish line the sailors are to board their Escort boat and recover their equipment. During this period, outside assistance is allowed.  This in the interest of the Safety of all concerned.
  • If the Event is shortened for any reason the Event will end at a time and place decided upon by the Organizers at any time and place they deem fit, taking safety and weather conditions into consideration, at which time the sailor will approach his escort vessel, load his sailing equipment and stop sailing. The escort vessel will advise the HQ Vessel their coordinates of the position of its sailor to determine the finish places according to the position closest to the finish line and to the rhumb line between the Start and the Finish positions.
  • There will be no sailing allowed after sunset and no person other than the registered sailor will be allowed to sail at any time, either during or after the crossing, if this has been cancelled/shortened.
  • Each sailor will be allocated an Escort Vessel (normally a RIB) to accompany him throughout the Crossing. The Escort vessel will carry, apart from its crew (normally 2 persons), the sailor’s Helper (designated by the sailor), spare equipment (which the sailor can change at any time during the crossing) and food and drink supplies. The Escort vessel will motor on the correct heading so as to guide the sailor on the correct course to the finish line.  The sailor must co-operate at all times with his Escort vessel.  Due to the limitation of RIBs in the their navigational capability, each Escort boat shall be allocated a Lead vessel.  Each Lead Vessel shall steer on the rhumb line, some distance ahead of its Escort vessel and sailor.  The Lead vessel shall instruct its Escort vessel as to the correct heading to steer, which must be strictly observed.
  • A sailor will be allowed outside assistance as far as the need for food and drink is concerned as well as for the changing of equipment. The sailor may also board the Escort vessel only during change of equipment. The designated helper of the sailor must not enter the water at any time unless with the express consent of the skipper of the Escort vessel, and only then in cases of urgent need to save life.  The skipper will be allowed the discretion to decide to give permission for persons to enter the water but only if he deems this safe and absolutely necessary in the circumstances.
  • Lead and Escort vessel skippers will give priority to the safety of the sailor first and to the sailor’s sailing equipment second. The sailor and his Helper and Escort vessel skipper will, under all circumstances follow the instructions of the skipper of their Lead Vessel who will be acting on the instructions of the organizers. During equipment changes/alterations the Escort vessel engine/s should be off whilst the sailor is in the water.
    • The HQ Vessel shall carry the Safety and Navigation Officer, the Crossing Officer together with the General Organiser apart from its own crew. Any instructions from the Safety and Navigation Officer to Lead and Escort vessels are to be strictly adhered to and such instructions are given with fairness and, more importantly, the SAFETY OF ALL CONCERNED in mind.
  • No sailor will be allowed outside assistance from any craft which is not part of the official Organization fleet and no boats other than the Organizers fleet can enter the course area.
  • Sailors who insist on disobeying instructions will be disqualified from the Event, their equipment recovered from the water and they will no longer be considered to be part of the Event.
  • If, for any reason, a sailor is deprived of his escort vessel through mechanical or other reasons, the sailor may be asked to stop racing, unless the organizers deem appropriate that the Lead vessel can double up as the Escort vessel until the finish line outside Pozzallo.
  • A sailor will not be allowed to sail on his own and without escort, unless this occurs within sight and close to the finish and then only if the organizers will specifically agree to this occurrence.
    • The VHF channels to be used during the course of the crossing are CHANNELS 16 AND 72. A list of mobile numbers will be made available to each skipper for easier communications between officials. Skippers are asked to maintain a constant watch on these channels, and to avoid chit chat on these channels.
  • A sailor, or his assistant, is not allowed communication with the HQ Vessel/Crossing Organisation during the crossing, but he can ask the escort vessel skipper to communicate on his behalf.
    • A sailor will be allowed the use/choice from two boards and three sets of sails and available only from his dedicated Escort Vessel. Changes of equipment may be made at the sailor’s discretion. In the event of a change of equipment, the sailor must wait until all of his equipment has been recovered on his Escort Vessel.  On no account must a sailor sail off before his Escort Vessel is capable of accompanying him back on the course.
  • On no account can more sailing equipment, other than what is allowed above, be made available to the sailor from any other vessel.
    • A sailor has to wear adequate buoyancy aid and protective equipment. In accepting to participate in this Event, a sailor must be aware of the risks involved in such a crossing and is deemed to be sailing at his own personal risk, both to himself and to his equipment. All involved in this crossing must comply with all COVID19 regulations current at the time of the Crossing. Any and all concerned shall carry the necessary documentation to prove that they are in fact compliant with such regulations.
  • A sailor accepting to participate in this crossing must be aware that he has to be in good health and capable to take on such a strenuous event and that he is not suffering, and has not suffered, from any illness which will not allow him to safely participate in this Event.
  • Minors will be asked to provide the Organizers with written evidence that they have the permission from their parents to take part in such a potentially taxing Event.
    • Sailors will be requested to carry the name of the Event’s sponsors on their sails & dedicated bibs carrying the sponsors’ names. An area on the sail may be reserved for the sailor’s own sponsors, if any, as long as his sponsor does not clash with the name of the sponsors of this Event. 
    • Rule infringements, if any, must immediately be reported to the Organising Authority, either when the sailor stops sailing, if during the crossing, or at the finish. Notice of an intention to protest must be communicated to the Organising Authority through his escort vessel, or assistant as soon as possible or directly by him once he stops sailing. 
  • The time limit for a sailor to register a rule infringement will be one hour after the last participant has finished sailing.
  • In the event of a rule infringement being lodged by a sailor against another, the rule infringement will be heard by the Crossing Officer and/or by an ad hoc Rule Infringemet Committee if so available. Decisions reached by the Crossing Officer/Rule Infringement Committee will be deemed to be final. 
    • It is a condition of acceptance of participation in this Event that all participants are sailing at their own risk and that they will indemnify the Organizers and the Lead/Escort Vessel skippers against any claims they might have for themselves, to their equipment, or to their assistants during the whole of this event.